Man claiming to be God arrested in Calhoun

August 27, 2019--7:08 a.m.


A man was arrested Saturday after causing a disturbance at the Calhoun Aldi store on Highway 53.

According to a Calhoun Police report, 45-year old Leslee Cox was going up to shoppers, putting his hands on them and praying for them.

When police arrived, Cox started yelling and cursing in front of several children.

As officers were attempting to speak to him, Cox began talking louder, saying he had a right to speak.

He then told officers that he was God.

Cox resisted as police were trying to arrest him and he kept yelling scripture at the officers during the ensuing scuffle.

At one point, one of the officers tried to use his Phazzer on Cox, but it wouldn’t deploy.

Cox sustained a laceration above his left eye in the fight and one of the officers suffered a possible torn ligament in his hip.

Cox is charged with obstruction of officers, simple assault and disorderly conduct.