Teen driving course November 17-18

November 8, 2018--7:51 a.m.


Due to the success with their first session earlier this year, the Rome Police Department is teaming up with Fear This Inc. for a second teen driving class November 17 and 18.

Classes will be taught at the joint law enforcement center, according to Captain Chris DeHart with the Rome Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit, who was a guest on Tuesday’s Hometown Headlines Radio Edition.

“The students will show up on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.,” he said. “They will be registered and go through their sign-in process. They will go through a roughly four-hour lecture with the driving staff. They start with the basics like how to do maintenance on your car, how to check your fluids, tire pressure and your battery terminal. As simplistic as some of that seems, there are some young people out there who don’t have those basic skills.”

Next, they will cover the rules of the road and talk about some of the major factors that contribute to accidents involving teen drivers.

Then, the session moves to hands-on training at the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport.

“They start with precision driving, which will be a cone course,” Captain DeHart said. “The next thing they’ll do is dynamic braking. The instructors will intentionally try to put them into a skid so they understand how it feels and how not to panic. They’ll move from that to off-road recovery, which I think is one of the most important things for young drivers, learning how not to snatch the wheel. They will start really slow at 15 or 20 miles per hour. Then, by the time they are 55 miles per hour, dropping the left side or the right side off the road.”

Teens with a Learners Permit will need 30 hours of seat time before attending the course, and a parent or legal guardian is required to attend the course with teens 15-19.

Pre-registration is required.

For More Information visit www.fearthis4life.org.