Students to observe national 'walk out'

March 14, 2018--7:51 a.m.

Staff reports

At 10 this morning, student across the country plan to walk out of class for 17 minutes to remember the victims of the Parkland, Florida school massacre and to call for action.

At Pepperell High, students are expected to gather at the school’s flagpole.

Some school systems are approaching the event differently with some threatening disciplinary action against students who participate.

Other systems are encouraging alternative approach.

Calhoun Schools is asking students walk up instead of walk out, challenging them to find 14 students and 3 adults to walk up to and say something nice in honor of those who died in Florida.

At Gordon Central, a banner will be available for students to sign in a show of support that will be used in social media posts.

Students that choose to participate will be allowed to “walk-out” of class but will remain on campus and will observe 17 minutes of silence . . . one minute for each victim that died in the shooting where each victim’s name and a couple of facts about each person will be read.

Cartersville High School will have a moment of silence lasting 17 minutes.

In addition, 17 desks will be placed in the courtyard, each with a rose.

The Rome First United Methodist Church posted this on their Facebook page:

"To all students and teachers participating in National Walkout Day, our doors are open.  A safe place, study space, prayer space. Pizza is on us. Just bring your school ID."